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Our company can help you maximise the potential of the serious investment your property represents.

G W Heath Residential Lettings is a local company, Mr Heath personally having over 40 years experience in letting properties in Stafford and the surrounding areas we will offer practical advice on rental levels, presentation, marketing and the legal requirements of renting.

Our letting service provides internet and local advertising, preparation of the necessary documents including tenancy agreement and full property inventory. We will register your tenant’s deposit with our tenancy deposit agency, arrange changeover of utility and Council tax responsibilities and generally ensure that your tenants are aware of their responsibilities to you and your property.  We will then collect the rent each month and continue to liaise between your tenants and yourself on any problems that may arise for the duration of the tenancy.  When the tenants move out we will check the property and address any problems that may be encountered.

Over many years, owners have continued to place their trust in our business and, with the support of our success in providing high occupancy levels, have increased their own property portfolios. 

We are a small independent team that will use long-standing experience to locate tenants suitable to your requirements.  We can assure you of a competent, friendly and individual service at all times.  Our commission rates are competitive and our services can be tailored to your individual needs.

Whatever the type of property you are renting, we’re looking forward to discussing your needs.

Contact us now for a free, no obligation, assessment.

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